News: Optimity Advisors acquires European advisory firm Matrix Knowledge

Optimity Advisors has established a permanent European presence with the acquisition of London-based advisory and data management firm Matrix Knowledge. Expanding its European operations has long been a part of the Optimity Advisors’ strategy as its operations have grown throughout the US market. Matrix Knowledge currently specialises in the health and social care, justice, education and life science sectors working for clients such as the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the European Commission. Read the press release in full

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What is G-Cloud 6?

G-Cloud 6 is part of the UK government’s Digital Marketplace, that allows for the simple buying and selling of technology services. The initiative aims capitalise on cloud technology to ensure that services are procured in the most efficient and cost-effective way. As a supplier on G-Cloud, Optimity Matrix is a Crown Commercial Services Supplier allowing clients in UK government to buy our services quickly and cost effectively whilst complying with EU and UK procurement regulations.

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As part of the global Optimity Advisors Group we provide advisory and data management services to public and private sector organisations, foundations and charities in the health and social care, justice, education and life sciences markets. We are internationally recognised experts with over 20 years’ experience within our sectors, adding value to our clients by bringing clarity, insight and knowledge from complexity. Facts, evidence and data are within our DNA and we believe that they enable better decision making, improved accountability and ultimately can change lives. Our work is primarily focused in UK, Mainland Europe and North America and we are engaged in a number of leading edge policy implementation and developments across these territories. Our people are principally based in our offices in London, Brussels, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles.


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